I Really Need To Finish This Harry Potter Scarf!

What’s your #1 priority tomorrow?

“It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” ―

Albus Dumbledore

I definitely have more important things to do, but I am on a mission to complete my Hogwarts House Scarf BEFORE Halloween.

Back in early spring of 2023, I decided to make things hard for myself and attempted to knit four sweaters and a scarf in two months. Needless to say, this did not work out. I completed ONE sweater, and the other two are still being woven. And the scarf? I procrastinated on my scarf most of all. I had planned to finish it during the summer, but I ended up being too busy with mandatory adulting.

I Love Scarves, But Hate Knitting Them

Scarves are my least favorite items to knit even though I wear a lot of them. This is because they are monotonous to knit, requiring endless patience because it is the same mindless pattern for sixty inches or longer.

People say that the best first projects are scarves. I say, definitely not! I think the best first project is a pair of fingerless gloves or a mug cozy. With those, you knit a simple square and sew together the sides, leaving enough room to poke your thumb or mug handle through.

Scarves require consistency until the end, which can be tricky for beginning knitters and even intermediate ones. For my Hogwarts House Scarf, I need to remain consistent for nearly 80 to 90 inches. I have pulled out a few rows for uneven colorwork.

Why bother knitting scarves if I do not like knitting them? I torture myself because I love to wear scarves, and I prefer wearing scarves I have made myself. Not to toot my own horn, but I prefer picking out beautiful yarns that feel nice on the skin, and knitting them up into something artsy and unique to wear.

The Harry Potter franchise does have the famous Hogwarts House scarves available for purchase, but my handmade rendition is “knitted in the round” for the ultimate thickness, warmth, and durability.

Working Through Unfinished Projects

60 inches of scarf completed!

This is more than just about completing a scarf, though. It is also about conquering a bad habit of mine: leaving projects unfinished.

I leave too many projects unfinished: paintings, knitwear, drawings, and goals. Maybe that is why I enjoy blogging; you never have to finish blogging!

I could blame undiagnosed ADHD, but I honestly think it has more to do with me overpromising things. Then, in an attempt to complete said things, I end up burning out and flushing all of the progress I made down the drain.

So, I abandoned my Hogwarts House Scarf for months. But, I am picking it back up again.

Projects That Took Me Too Long

My Elegant Forest Mittens with engraved copper buttons

In February, I found an unfinished pair of mittens that I had forgotten about seven or more years ago. After cleaning out my closet and finding them tucked away in a container filled with yarn scraps, I finally completed them.

I proudly wore them to the Cats Broadway musical. It felt amazing.

Cowichan Vision Wrap Coat from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting On Top of the World

This Cowichan inspired cardigan took me over two years to knit from a book I bought seven years earlier. Originally I thought it was too small, and then I remembered—DUH! It is made out of wool, so I can simply reshape it.

I still prefer it to be a little longer, but it is another item I am happy to have finally finished.

Wool and the Gang Sometimes Sweater

I ALMOST procrastinated badly with this one since I took a few weeks off from knitting it. But, this is the one sweater I completed in my attempted marathon of four.

It helped that it was a quick and east knit, but I did take a break from it to work on my more complex vintage cardigan—which I am happy to report is almost complete.

The Need To Finish A Project Is Skin Deep

In a world where society and social media is scraping up every waking minute of our lives, it is important to finish personal goals that actually bring us joy.

As the famous Albus Dumbledore once said, “It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” I dreamed about being an artist, but I did not begin living that reality until I was well into adulthood.

It is a simple desire, but the act of creating makes me feel alive. Finishing a project reminds me that I exist. My art gives me a sense of value that other things do not. I can walk this earth and be proud that I have exercised my creativity.

But, with that said, I need to get through the scarves first.

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  1. I certainly know the tedium of repetitive rows.. Give me a varied pattern any day… Looking good Christie and willing you on to the finish line <3 xx

    1. Lol thanks! I don’t want to knit it anymore! 😂

      1. Know that feeling LOL .. 🙂

  2. WOW you’re such a talented knitter! I can ABSOLUTELY relate, I have several sewing projects that are positively languishing in the bin of shame. Chief among them is my Victorian undergarments project…I finished the chemise, then got halfway through the drawers and…nothing. I REALLY want to finish the drawers, as well as sew the petticoat and bustle, so I can actually get started on a dress next year!

    1. Thanks! Knitting is a struggle lol! I envy that you can sew historical garments, though! It’s such a wonderful and unique skill! I’ll send you “anti-procrastination” dust lol!

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