Forest Bathing: Fall is Finally Here!

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” —

Emily Bronte
Autumn is the Pilot of Romantic Decay

Only Autumn has the gift to make decay and death appear so beautiful. It is as though nature is making its big finale before the cold fingers of winter.

I took these photos last fall in 2022. There is a wood not far from my place of work where each year the leaves burst with color. I paid them little attention in 2021, but after attempting to simplify my life and making a concrete effort to go outside more, I have begun to notice all of the different types of foliage and their transformations over the seasons.

Real Gold

I am sure I mentioned this before, but fall is my favorite season of all time. It is the lucky season to have more than one name (autumn and harvest), and brings with it a bountiful harvest of delicious fresh produce and a rainbow of earthy colors! The deep greens, reds, and golds mesmerize me each year.

A Toast of Leaves

The leaves “toast,” or “fist bump” to acknowledge another year alive, another year of hard work, and the coming of blissful hibernation.

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  1. Autumn is absolutely my favorite season too! And I am definitely ready for a season of rest… 🙂

    1. Same! I can’t wait for the colors and cooler weather to kick in! 😁

  2. Thanks for sharing this idea I follow yours but can you follow mine. Anita

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