Sewing Journal #5: Eucalyptus Mini Skirt

In between difficult projects with patterns, I wanted to create a few easy skirts so that I could practice my technique and have a few finished products to satisfy the sewing bug.

As mesmerized as I get by beautiful fabric patterns, I learned the importance of a good solid colored piece to balance out the numerous patterned projects overtaking my closet. I bought a single yard of eucalyptus colored organic cotton, and decided to turn it into a simple mini skirt for the spring and summer.

Buying solid colored fabrics based on my color palette

Final color palette

I created my own color palette by looking at photos of forests and other natural settings. The skirt matches the eucalyptus color swatch.

I found it important to throw some solid colored skirts into my wardrobe because my fabric stash was getting very pattern heavy.

The Skirt

I am still having trouble learning how to make shirred fabric on my sewing machine, so I created a waistband with a ruffled edge using two elastic bands. This not only ended up being sturdier, but also looked nicer.

Eucalyptus Mini Skirt styled with a Nintendo Eeveelutions T-Shirt, Crochet Cardigan from American Eagle Outfitters, the Fringe Pinch Hat from Eric Javitz, and Dolce Vita Lulu Espadrille Wedge Sandals in Off-White.

This skirt reminded me just how much I love eucalyptus and sage as colors for my wardrobe. The pale greens go beautifully with cream and brown colors—I feel as pretty as a birch tree!

My only complaint is that I forgot pockets! I was in such a rush that I forgot my favorite dress component!

What I learned…

This original project taught me a few things:

  1. Be neat with solid colored fabrics – Sewing with solid fabrics will remind you to be neat with your stitching because mistakes are more visible on solid colors.
  2. Add solid colors to your me-made wardrobe – It’s easy to get excited over attractive fabric patterns, but they don’t always go with everything. Add your favorite solids to the mix so that your wardrobe is easier to wear.
  3. Pockets are essential – I told you I would be repeating this lesson! Every time I put on this skirt, I get a little irritated that I forgot the pockets.

The Final Verdict

I give this Eucalyptus Mini Skirt an 8/10.

How could I forget the pockets!?!? I will manage, but this gets me upset. Minus a point for rushing through this project.

Thankfully, I’m loving how it pairs with my cream cardigan and Pokémon shirt.


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  1. Such a cute skirt and it looks so comfortable. It is a piece I would have loved at your age–with pockets, of course.😉

    1. Thank you! I suffered without pockets for so long. They’re almost a dealbreaker!

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