White Hot Chocolate

For the white chocolate fans out there, have you ever had white hot chocolate? This creamy, buttery, sweet, and delicate drink is perfect for a cold evening when you want something as soothing and real as hot chocolate, but perhaps without the richness.

Personally, I love both real and white chocolate. I will gladly eat or drink either depending on my mood. I created this recipe to satiate my love for the cocoa buttery confection and to satisfy family members at home who aren’t huge fans of pure chocolate.


  • 6 ingredients or less
  • Delicious white chocolate flavor
  • Easy to make
  • Vegetarian
  • Recipe can be doubled or quadrupled to serve more people

What is white chocolate?

Carina / Pixabay

White chocolate is a confection made with cocoa butter, milk, sugar, and vanilla flavorings. Its origins are unknown, but it was thought to have been first made in New Hampshire after World War I (The Nibble, 2008). In the 1930s, Nestlé created it as a way to sell surplus cocoa butter.

White chocolate does not contain cocoa, but it is made from the same cacao bean as chocolate. Cacao bean fats (cocoa butter) are extracted to make this sweet confection as well as moisturizing skin products.

Some scoff at white chocolate as not being real chocolate, but really, does it matter so long as it tastes good? Buffalo wings don’t come from the buffalo animal and Chinese takeout isn’t from China. Granted these may not be the best equivalences, but I am a firm defender of white chocolate because of its delectable taste. As for those who dislike it, that’s quite okay! We all have different preferences for food.

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