Williamsburg Tea & Spice Exchange Haul

I’m obsessed with seasoning blends. The worst thing I can do to my bank account is step into a spice store! During my Colonial Williamsburg adventures, I found a place called Market Square, a beautiful neighborhood just across from William & Mary and the Colonial Williamsburg museums. When the weather is pleasant, it is crowded with locals seeking peaceful scenery, good food, and good drinks.

Located in Market Square is a shop called Williamsburg Tea & Spice Exchange, a spot tucked into one of the street corners. When you get inside, you are welcomed by the mesmerizing walls of spice laden jars.

Specialty sugars in various flavors

Williamsburg Tea & Spice Exchange sells not only dried spices in their pure form, but also spice blends, infused sugars, loose teas, and specialty salts. Depending on the time of the year, there may also be candles made with the teas themselves.

Williamsburg Tea & Spice Exchange’s custom blends

Dried seasoning blends are a must

Whether you’re new to cooking or a seasoned home cook, it’s always a good idea to have a few go to spice blends available in your cabinet. As I mention in my post Season to Taste, most seasoning comes from the salt added to a dish. However, the layers of flavor come from the herbs and spices added to the dish. Williamsburg’s Spice & Tea Exchange’s spice blends are strong in flavor, and well balanced.

My spice haul included: Merlot Sea Salt, Black Truffle Garlic Seasoning, Butcher’s Rub Spice Blend, Southwest Spice Blend, Greek Seasoning, Colonial Seasoning, and Coconut Thai Spice Blend. So far, I’ve used the Butcher’s Rub Spice Blend to make burgers; I’ve added the seasoning as a substitute for Worcestershire sauce in my Classic Hamburgers. I’ve also used the Colonial Seasoning in chicken soups and stews. Absolutely delicious!

My spice haul: Merlot Sea Salt, Black Truffle Garlic Seasoning, Butcher’s Rub Spice Blend, Southwest Spice Blend, Greek Seasoning, Colonial Seasoning, and Coconut Thai Spice Blend.

Blueberry Sugar

I highly recommend the Blueberry Sugar. This stuff… This stuff right here is the creme dela creme of sugar. It tastes of sweetened blueberries with a sugary crunch! I experimented with some sugar cookies using this, and I can’t wait to share the finished recipe!

Loose teas are better than tea bags

I’ve been a huge fan of loose teas for years, and the teas here are no exception. Tea bags might be more convenient in a time crunch, but loose teas are of higher quality and stronger in flavor.

My loose tea and sugar haul: Pomegranate Green Tea, Emperor’s Chai Black Tea, Lady Grey a la Creme Black Tea, and Wild Blueberry Sugar.

So far, the Pomegranate Green Tea and Lady Grey a la Creme Black Tea are my favorite of the tea purchases. The Pomegranate Green tea is strong with a sweet fruity finished. Meanwhile, the Lady Grey tea tastes like Earl Grey, but with a touch of lavender, vanilla, cream, and citrus.

If you ever get a chance to go to Colonial Williamsburg, visit this shop! The brilliant selection of spices, unique blends, and heavenly smells are all worth it!

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