Cakes of Interest: Four Fall Inspired Mini Cakes

Fall is my absolute favorite season because I absolutely love the hues and colors that appear during this time of the year. Since moving out of New York City to Southern Virginia, I came to love relaxing drives home where I can roll down streets that lead through colorful woods along the banks of the York and James Rivers.

The trees pop with colors: bright burgundies, burnt oranges, mellow gold, and violet and magenta. After driving by these gorgeous meadows and rivers, I thought to create mini cakes using some of these wonderful colors!

Here are four fall mini cake designs I created inspired by the fall beauty of Southern Virginia!


  • DecoPac Premium Gel Colors
  • DecoPac Premium Airbrush Colors
  • #852 Ateco tip
  • # 227 Ateco tip
  • # 133 Ateco tip
  • # 102 Ateco tip
  • # 68 Ateco tip
  • #17 Ateco tip
  • #4 Ateco tip
  • #3 Ateco tip
  • 8” Gold Boards
  • Cake comb
  • Slim offset spatula

Golden Roses with Bronze Vines


I have a weakness for cascading designs on a cake. For this one, I decorated a white iced cake with golden brown vines with olive green leaves and pearls. The bottom of the cake has a plain white shell border, and the top of the cake has a single golden yellow rose. Decorating the vines are variegated yellow and orange leaves.

Tree Stump


Tree stumps are popular at my bakery, especially for first birthdays and weddings. This miniature tree stump was unevenly iced with chocolate buttercream and chocolate fudge, and the texture was created by running an offset spatula vertically up the cake. The top of the cake was combed in a circle using a cake comb. Using a small knife, a heart was carved into the side of the cake with a number “1”. This fall cake was made for a fall baby for her first birthday.

Mums and Pumpkins


For this cake, the grape vines on top were created using a #133 grass tip and piping a circle around the circumference of the cake. Swirling your #133 tip will allow you to pipe a “tangle” within the grape vine wreath. Using a #227 mum tip, I piped white mums with golden brown centers. To create the pumpkin, I used a #852 tip; squeezing hard without swirling the tip. Top the pumpkin with a stem by piping fudge with a #17 tip. Finally, using a #4 tip and a #68 tip, I piped green leaves on the top and variegated leaves along the trim.

Delicious Cornicopia


This final fall cake was a little extra, but really fun to pipe! On a basic white cake, I created a double border by first piping a ribbon using a #102 rose tip, and topping it with a reverse-e border using a #17 tip. The trim of the cake was decorated in burnt orange scrollwork. On the top of the cake, I used a #17 tip to pipe the fudge cornucopia by rolling the tip from thick to thin. Sprouting from the cornucopia are pumpkins, roses, grapes, and rose buds.


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Witch’s Cauldron Mini Cake

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