Alchemy Garden Journal Entry 6: My First Batch of Problems

We’ve had some strange blasts of cold uncommon in May. I think I overwatered my plants, and the cold spells have forced me to bring many of the plants inside for the evening.

I went outside one morning to check on my plants, and I found some very bad leaf decay on my basil and my newly planted flossflower and banana peppers.

Possible Leaf Spot on Genovese Basil

On the basil, the leaves are wilting in areas, some leaves have rotted off, and some are showing some weird grey and brown spots. When I checked them near the roots, it looked like there were some dusty white mites bouncing around. Maybe aphids or whiteflies? Still having trouble identifying things.

I’m determined to save the basil I just planted, so I’m going to attempt to save it with some neem oil treatments and insecticide soap. I can remove the infected leaves, treat the soil with a spray of neem and soap, and perhaps add some manure. Fortunately, I haven’t seen any deterioration with the marigolds and oregano it is planted with.

Brown edges on Blue Artist Flossflower

I’m attached to my gorgeous flossflower, so I’m upset that some of the leaves have already begun to brown. It might be the cause of whiteflies as well. As for the banana peppers, I might have overwatered them. The small leaves have a few holes and brown spots. It has me wondering if they have a small case of leaf spot disease. I’m going to try to treat the flowers and peppers with the same treatments as the basil.

Strange white crust or mildew on Bay Laurel

On my bay laurel, I found powdery white mildew or ash on some of the leaves. My book says it often occurs during dry spells when plants are stressed. They are best removed and I need to keep the plant well watered.

I’m dying for the sun to come out and bring some warm weather with it. I just started my journey 2 weeks ago, and it’s a bit discouraging to find so many of my transplants already struggling.

But, I’m going to figure this out. I’m going to head to the garden center and see what I can do.

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