Alchemy Garden Journal Entry 5: Getting Used to Insects

I’m so excited! I identified my first friendly pollinator! Last week I would have shooed it away, but I saw my first hoverfly, which I learned is attracted to marigolds, helps pollinate flowers, and whose larvae feed on aphids―pests we do not want.

One of my garden books recommends planting flora such as lavender, California poppies, Fennel, marigolds, borage, and apple blossoms in order to attract beneficial insects. These flowers are rich in nectar and help bring in pollinators to help increase harvests as well as prey on pests. Unfortunately, I can’t find most of those, but I did manage to find marigolds. My garden center is out of borage, but maybe they’ll get more in stock.

As I stated in one of my previous posts, I’m learning how to get over my dislike of most bugs. You still can’t get me to like roaches, but I can get on board with easing my way into other insects and invertebrates. I accept worms and beetles!

I also came across a tiny praying mantis, which initially freaked me out because it jump scared me, but I’ve learned to appreciate it hanging out around my Josephine pot between the basil and marigolds.

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