Antique Egg Nog Recipe

I’ve been on a lot of antiquing adventures lately and one such search led me to a 1939 copy of The Williamsburg Art of Cookery. The book’s cover leaves a weird rust colored residue on everything and the pages have that deliciously old scent us book lovers are obsessed with.

Although I’m still reading through the browned pages, I couldn’t help but share this charming egg nog recipe in the Christmas chapter. I translated it into modern English so that it’s easier to read. Enjoy!


Beat  yolks of twelves Eggs well. Add two and a fourth  Cups of Sugar and continue to beat well. Add one Quart of good Brandy, one Pint of Jamaica Rum alternatively and slowly. To this add three Quarts of heavy Cream and fold in half of the beaten Egg Whites. Beat remaining six Egg Whites very stiff and add one Cup powdered Sugar. Then stir lightly into this one Quart of Cream and fold this Mixture into the other Ingredients. Let stand from six to twelve Hours in a cold Place before serving.

(Old Virginia Recipe. Adapted Blair Kitchen, 1938.)

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